Messiah’s Kiss – New Album Release. “Get Your Bulls Out!”

MESSIAH’S KISS are back with their new ‘Stampeding juggernaut’ of an album “Get Your Bulls Out!”

With ‘tongues firmly in cheeks’ and inspired by the legend of ‘Reventon’- the bull that famously fought back and ‘Stuck it to the Man!’ – MESSIAH’S KISS return to prominence with their souls laid bare!

The band had to take a forced hiatus due to vocalist Mike Tirelli’s battle with stage 3 stomach cancer, the same condition that unfortunately took from us Rock legend Ronnie James Dio. And guitarist and songwriter Georg Kraft’s ongoing recovery from long term illness. The band has now returned invigorated, fresh and revitalised.

“I wrote the majority of the songs on the past three albums but due to my illness I was unable to continue. Due to the band’s great camaraderie and talent, I was able hand the reins of the songwriting over. From adversity comes diversity, I believe through this experience our friendships grown stronger, showing a true democracy and unity within the band”

– George Kraft.

Having recently reunited to jam out ideas for a new album their new ‘no rules’ creative concept gave each individual freedom to bring their own writing style, roots and influences to the table and combine this into a new style of songs and sounds.

“From unfortunate circumstances something really positive has arisen. I’ve been co-writing songs with my bro Jason since we were kids. Combining our ideas with the creative talents and ideas of Mike and Eddy, we believe we’ve crafted a great album and a refreshing take on the hard rock/heavy metal scene” – Wayne Banks.

A new sound is born, embracing the clichés of the what we all love about rock music and combining them with the band’s vast and diverse experiences working with such artists as, Robin Gibb, Riot, Holy Mother, Brazen Abbot, Blaze, Persian Risk, Sabbat, Repression, Hoof, etc.

“This album has so much power and energy, we’re straining at the leash to get back out there and stomp the boards, like a pack of raging bulls waiting to enter the arena!” – Eckhard Ostra.

Placing no creative limits on themselves, MESSIAH’S KISS bring a courageous new blend of rock music. Powerful and energetic, yet soulful and melodic.

“We weren’t trying to re-write the rule book but maybe we did!”- Mike Tirelli.

Through a cultural symbiosis of two continents, MESSIAH’S KISS have created an album of new multifaceted material – an album that can be played on a Friday night and on a Monday morning! With great vocal hooks, spine-shattering riffs and irresistible grooves. A true melting pot of emotions to unite all the corners of the rock genre.

“We just relied on our instincts, went with what we believe in and gave ourselves no boundaries. I think you can hear on the album that we’re “udderley” committed to the cause!” – Jason Banks.

From their 2002 NWOBHM inspired debut album – “Prayer for the dying” to the ‘anthemic 2004 release – “Metal” – through to 2007’s double-bass drum fuelled “Dragonheart,” – MESSIAH’S KISS – continue to push the boundaries.

Get Your Ticket, Get Down The Front and ‘Get Your Bulls Out!”

Time Out Is Terminated, MESSIAH’S KISS are back!