First album review (English translation)

Hey mates!
First album review (English translation):


Highly explosive dynamite

Dinslaken, New York and Nottingham are not necessarily related to each other, but that’s exactly where MESSIAH’S KISS come from.
Seven years have passed since the ower metal stunner “Dragonheart, in which combo has audibly grown in musical respects. Only rarely is the accelerator pedal pressed all the way to the floor, instead, they are increasing the focus on groove and harmonies, riffs chasing through the tube amp, always keeping the highway “ Route 66” in view.
»Get Your Bulls Out” is still overflowing  with energy, but focuses more on ass-kicking hard rock American style: On the one hand, modern, but yet timeless, and above all presented genuine and authentic. The classic metal moves over in favour of large hard-rock riffs and anthemic choruses and exactly this blend is excellenty becoming to  MESSIAH’S KISS.

– Markus Wosgien – Nuclear Blast – 20.10.2014


Big THANKS to Eddy for the translation!!

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