The prodigal son returns!

Former lead guitarist of Messiah’s Kiss, Alexander Hitz, will fill in for George Kraft due to health reasons until further notice.

“Hey Metalheads,
I am back with Messiahs Kiss and I am totally happy about it. Last December Eddy, Mike, Wayne and Jason asked me if I would rejoin the Band after 8 years to replace Georg temporarily due to his illness. I like to point out that Georg was involved in the process and is still a member of the band.
So here I find myself in 2015 getting into the new songs and remembering the old ones. To be honest… it didn’t feel like I was gone for such a long time. I entered the rehearsal room and felt like I had never left. Although the new stuff is different from what Messiah’s Kiss was known for in the past, it really kicks ass as well and I love to perform these songs.
Anyway. I hope to see you all sometime in the near future, to enjoy what we all love the most:

M E T A L!
Stay fuckin’ metal… for life!”



The rehearsals for the band’s first live show after a long time have already started. Eddy: “We know each other since Alex joined Repression in 1989. Because we have played together since ages, we all knew that this is going to work out fine! It’s fun to talk about the curious anecdotes to all the different stories that we have experienced hitherto as well.”


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